Thursday, 29 October 2015 10:09

Higher US Dollar Gains Momentum in Near Term

US Dollar index has gained fresh momentum in the Forex market after the Fed holds rate unchange in October. As we see bullish signs in both the MACD and RSI chart, bulls have absolute near term technical advantage and continues to enjoy a clear uptrend path. USD-CAD is trading at 1.317 in the Thursday morning session and we should see a firm support at 1.31 and a technical resistance at 1.33 for the near term. Investors are all hawkish in the next FOMC meeting and a possible rate hike. 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 13:02

Bearish Gold After FOMC Holds Rate Unchange

Gold trades lower at US$1148.2 in Thursday morning session. FOMC holds it's rate unchange amid moderate expansion in economic activities. Investors are hawkish on the FOMC statement now and anticipate a very important FOMC meeting in December. The gold bulls have lost the key technical support price level and reached a fresh 3-week low. We expect a relatively stable price level at around US$1150 until the end of the week. 


FOMC decided not to raise interest rates in October. So, should we expect that the Fed will stick to their original statement of "interest rate hike in 2015"? 


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Friday, 23 October 2015 15:19

Chinese Yuan as Reserve Currency

IMF had turned down Chinese yuan of reserve currencies status a few months ago. Now, IMF executive are giving Chinese officials a hint that they will grant the special drawing rights to Chinese Yuan. We believe this is a bullish factor to the gold bullion market while Chinese momentary polices will be more transparent.



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USD-CAD trades at 1.298 on Tuesday session amid low USD. Both RSI and MACD technical charts give strong signals of a uptrend in USD-CAD pattern. We believe USD is on it's way up at around 1.31 in the near term. 


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Friday, 16 October 2015 10:14

Higher Dollar in Anticipation of Rate Hike

After many rounds of debates, traders and fund managers are back on the table to discuss the possibility of a rate hike at the end of this year. US dollar index rebounds on Friday morning session



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The price difference in platinum and gold were usually in the positive territory in the past decades, but now we are enjoying the worst performing period in platinum relatively to gold. Should you increase your exposure to physical platinum, contact us.

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Platinum remained as one of the most undervalued commidity in 2015, we are convinced that the fundamentals did not change and it is a great bargain for short-term investors.

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Weather if the Fed should increase the interest rate or not will remain as the hottest debate until FOMC meets in December 2015.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015 10:42

Gold, Silver Set For More Pain Into 2016: Poll

Poll results from 38 analysts and traders, would you agree?

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When we are looking for clues with the US Feds rate decision, we try to look at the data from China.

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