GOLD $1760.40▲6.60

SILVER $22.19▼0.17

PLATINUM $901.00▼33.00

PALLADIUM $1782.00▼168.00

Suncorp Gold Inc.


It is easy to buy, own and store precious metals at Suncorp Gold. In order to keep the risk low, most of us learn that we have to diversify our investments and assets. It's always ideal to allocate portions at different banks, or store our valuables in several deposit boxes at different locations. However, renting various deposit boxes will significantly burden our household spending because of the fees and charges.

At Suncorp Gold, we have you covered with these details. After you made an order with us, you have an option to store your purchased item(s) at our secure storage facility, and it's absolutely free of charge. From time to time, you can add, sell off or withdraw your holdings. It really is that simple.

Benefits of Utilizing Remote Storage Service

  • Easy account setup
  • Conveniently located in Canada
  • Hassle-free
  • Disreet storage in top-tier facilities
  • You can add, sell off or withdraw your stored item(s) any time with no additional charge.
  • Save on shipping costs and expensive charges on deposit boxes.



Suncorp Gold will courior your products via Fedex fully insured to your door steps. It's that simple. And we believe that our prices will beat most competitors after shipping as well.

Suncorp Gold Inc. will ship our products throughout Canada. However, we are currently not shipping to PO Box. 

Please see our domestic shipping rates for different provinces.  



Suncorp Gold Inc. ships via Fedex. Packages are fully insured and covered prior to delivery. Due to the insurance issues, Suncorp Gold does not offer other shipping options.



Suncorp Gold charges CAD$3 per CAD$1,000 value of shipment. Please click here for details or call us at (604) 273-9700 for details

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